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A favourite among mycologists, this variant of psychedelic mushrooms is known for its’ richness and well-balanced high. These are a great strain for beginners, and those looking to enjoy a psychedelic experience for the first time. As a beginner mushroom, P. cubensis B+ is known for having a lighter trip that is more tolerable and relaxed at regular doses. Acute visual and sensual hallucinations, along with ‘warped’ objects and time perception may come with higher doses of 3.5 grams or more, but at lower doses, this strain is great for easing beginners into the magic world of mushrooms.


Suggested Dosing, tread lightly.

Lab tested. Grown in Canada.

3 reviews for B+

  1. Dave Castilloux (verified owner)

    Very happy with my order! I ate a quarter and i was literally in an other universe, probably the strongest ive ever tried. Woooo!👍

  2. Gdnchg (verified owner)

    I find these to be too mild and weak. Tried 1g at first, too miild so dropped a 2nd g. Not very overwhelming at all. Not worth 250$ + tax for an ounce.

  3. Gdnchg (verified owner)

    I retract my comments. 2 gs and im completely messed up. Good stuff

    • Chalmers

      Glad to hear you were satisfied! We always recommend to wait 2hrs before consuming more, especially on a full stomach 🙂

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